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Supercharge your paid search campaigns with our high growth SEM services.

Clare Web Design have spent years refining SEM services. We handle every aspect of your campaign, including strategy, content creation, landing page design, conversion optimization, and full service management.

How Our SEM Services Work
At the core of our SEM services is campaign management. We work with you to create a strategy, then make that strategy a reality.
Our SEM services start with our team getting to know your business and the products or services you sell. We then perform an in-depth PPC audit, looking at the PPC landscape your company faces, analyzing your current SEM campaigns and closely inspecting what your competitors are doing. We also research and identify the most relevant and cost-efficient keywords, finding both regular and long-tail keyword opportunities.
At the core of our approach is to use Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) for keywords that drive 80-90% of the traffic. This allows us to be far more targeted than other SEM agencies. The result: Search ads perfectly customized to the keyword being searched. We also utilize niche keywords to further refine our SEM campaigns and reach your audience. Also, for display and retargeting campaigns.
Conversion optimized landing pages are crucial to the success of any SEM campaign which is why we include them as part of our service. The landing pages we create have better branding, content and message-match with ads, by utilizing the “dynamic keyword insertion” technique which allows us to change the headlines and other important content on the pages dynamically, based on keywords being searched by users.
While many SEM agencies talk about optimization, We take a much more rigorous approach to testing. We A/B test everything - custom landing pages, ads, offers, etc. to drive consistent improvement in conversion rates. We also optimize campaigns on the basis of end-to-end attribution — what keywords, ads, devices, landing pages, campaigns, targeting , etc., are leading to the best quality leads and sales.
Data is what fuels our SEM services. We track and measure data across all activities and channels that we manage. We constantly monitor campaigns and tweak our strategies to increase overall campaign effectiveness and meet goals. We provide beautiful monthly reports that will give you a breakdown of performance and extract actionable insights which include changes in strategy for our ad campaigns.
Our Recent Projects

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